Understanding The Importance of Online Reputation Management

By now, we’ve all heard the unfortunate tales of people losing jobs, marriages, or reputations due to information discovered online. While most people would consider themselves or their businesses immune by simply avoiding scandal, this is not always the case. Something as small as a negative review from a disgruntled customer can cast suspicion and lead to a loss of trust or revenue.

There is also parallel problem — having valuable content online, but having it waste away in obscurity. In our tech-driven society, the internet is a common first stop for everything from finding a local coffee shop to researching vacation spots. If you are, for instance, a small business owner with a great website but it doesn’t come up in a web search, how does that help you?

Both of these issues stem from the positioning of Google search results. With the average American making approximately 800 Google searches per year, the search engine is a silent titan in affecting people’s decisions of all types. The positioning of results is the key: while we all look through the sites that come up on page 1, fewer and fewer people click through to each consecutive page. In fact, sites that come up on page 1 for an average search generate 91.5% of traffic, according to Chitika Insights. Page 4 and beyond generate no more than 0.4% apiece.

For businesses, brands, and prominent individuals, keeping valuable content high in search results and irrelevant or negative content further back (or gone altogether) is a highly important enterprise. The solution to these dilemmas is frequently found in online reputation management companies. These companies can curate a positive image of you or your brand with a blend of technical expertise and public relations acumen. Being aware of your and your company’s online presence and taking control of it can be key in personal and business success.

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