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Update: December 12, 2016

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Status Labs is dedicated to online reputation management. When clients have problems with doxxing or negative press, Status Labs helps new stories and websites rank higher in the search results. They specialize in image management and curating a brand’s digital footprint. From boosting sales to handling negative public relations crises, Status Labs works with companies and individuals of all types

Fast Take

Status Labs isn’t for everyone, in the same sense that a Mercedes-Benz isn’t for everyone either. Sometimes a clunker (looking at you is suitable for the job. But, if you’re looking for premium service with hard, effective results, look no further than Status Labs. We feel comfortable naming them the top overall service available on the market today.

The Company

This company has clients spanned across more than 35 different countries. With over 1,500 clients, Status Labs has worked with public figures, international brands and Fortune 100 companies. Through their work, the Austin-and-NYC-based firm helps clients achieve their marketing and public relations goals. Status Labs works with clients to ensure that only the best search results appear so that sales and the client’s reputation enjoy a boost. It’s a claim common in the industry, but as you’ll see throughout the review we’re consistently impressed with Status Labs’ ability to fulfill it’s promises.

An individual’s or company’s online presence must be carefully managed. Ideally, clients develop a positive online presence before there is a problem. From removing social media posts to hiding personal details, there are steps that Status Labs can take before a problem occurs. If there is a crisis unfolding, Status Labs can ensure that new, positive stories rank in the search results. Through their work, they provide reputation management services that are vitally important in today’s online world. Of course the real work comes after a crisis occurs, and it’s naturally difficult for anyone to plan for.

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The History of Status Labs

Status Labs was initially co-founded by Darius Fisher and Jesse Boskoff. As a student, Fisher graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University. Afterward, he went on to work as a copywriter and a political consultant. Over the years, he began to see the ways that companies could benefit from online reputation management, public relations and digital marketing.

Boskoff has a strong marketing and entrepreneurial background, previously starting a sports community website name RootZoo and most recently running customer acquisition for FanDuel.

Fisher and Boskoff built a business around the one goal of managing online reputations. Through partnerships with key influencers and exceptional staff, they’ve been able to build a company that boasts of clients in 35 countries with headquarters in Austin, Sao Paulo and New York City. They’re relatively new on the scene – the company was founded in 2012 – but they’ve quickly risen to the top of the ORM rankings.


How They Do Their Work

Many of the concepts used by Status Labs can be done by individual users. Their first step is to remove personal data from the Internet. Websites like Intelius, Peoplesmart, Whitepages and Spokeo post personal data online for anyone to see. These main sites allow users to opt out of their database, but the updates occur regularly. Due to this, individuals who want to remain private must opt out of each website every three months.

Status Labs also recommends that clients change their privacy settings on social media to prevent other people from accessing private information. Unless someone is a public figure or uses social media for business marketing, Status Labs actually recommends that social media accounts get deleted. Additionally, they recommend that individuals change their passwords at least four times a year. Individuals can also search for their name online to make sure that only positive results appear.

Sometimes, these personal, at-home techniques are not enough to dilute bad press. At some point in time, a business or individual may receive negative attention online through the media, hackers or doxxing. Whatever the cause of the bad press, Status Labs is able to help companies fix their brand’s image. They offer SEO content creation, an in-house public relations team, and other services that help push negative results down in the search engines.

Status Labs will not take just any client. According to the CEO, they have moral standards that stop them from taking clients who have actually committed an illegal action or done something ethically wrong. One example of a client that they chose to work with was an entrepreneur. At the time, the entrepreneur was going through a messy divorce that was detracting from his public image. He had never had an online presence before the divorce, so Status Labs helped him craft personal websites, content and media stories that were about his achievements. Instead of stories of the divorce appearing in the search results, the new results were all about his positive features and accomplishments. They’ve also been vocal in their support for controversial Missouri Professor Melissa Click.


Company Services

Status Labs’ website does a nice job of listing out all of it’s available services. They include:

Search Engine Optimization: Status Labs uses SEO techniques to affect negative or inaccurate results in the search engines. They seem to work to boost the client’spositive properties to the top, making it more visible in search engines. SEO knowledge is a powerful piece in any online reputation management service, and Status Labs has set themselves apart as the leaders in this category.

Content Creation: This service helps people to create bookmarked websites, blogs and social media accounts that boost their image. Automation technology is used to strengthen the way these pages rank in the search engines. Each month, Status Labs provides clients with detailed charts and progress reports.

Google Adwords: One of the fastest ways to get a brand noticed is through Google Adwords. These ads can be targeted at specific demographics globally or locally for improved website traffic.

Online Reputation Management: The first page of search results forms the reader’s perception of the company or person. Due to this, Status Labs works to improve each client’s online presence and reputation.

Social Media Marketing: Social media websites are extremely popular and have users from all demographics. Due to this, social media websites are useful tools for running marketing campaigns and branding a business.

Financial Communications: Status Labs helps firms handle digital communications about financial transactions like corporate restructuring, mergers, initial public offerings and bond issuing. Through their work, Status Labs helps to craft content and a message that represents the company’s goals.

Site Audit: If a website is not getting enough traffic, there may be a problem with the website. Status Labs offers comprehensive SEO audits for websites to help companies boost their organic traffic.

Corporate Rebranding: This service helps corporations change their image or brand to reflect their core values.

Crisis Response: Status Labs has worked with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 to respond to public relations crises. They help to minimize damage and improve the brand’s identity online. Even in large-scale disasters, Status Labs is talented at making a fast-action plan for taking back control.

Google Suggested and Related Search Management: These types of search results can send readers to negative websites that hurt the brand. Due to this, Status Labs works to change where Google directs traffic so that the company’s first impression is a positive one.

Public Relations: While most public relations firms are stuck in old advertising and communication strategies, Status Labs has recognized that digital reputations are the most important. The PR professionals at Status Labs work with bloggers and journalists to create compelling content that overrides any other news about the company.

Google Image Curation: Pictures are worth a thousand words, so the pictures that appear in Google Images say a lot about a company. To prevent an image from ruining the client’s public perception, Status Labs can help to remove unflattering photos or push them further down in the search results.

Clearly Status Labs offers a lot as a company. In regards to ORM, they check all the boxes that we look for when determining what service to use.

What Status Labs Has to Offer

Status Labs is a premium social media and online reputation management firm. Already, clients and media companies have compared the company to the fictitious fixer Olivia Pope from Scandal. Like Olivia Pope, Status Labs is called in a crisis situation. They think quickly on their feet, create an actionable plan and prepare to boost the company’s online reputatio6359504640543645621392088124_635738785042413817-600872308_olivia-pope-workingn. As a result, Status Labs has gained a notable following for a new company. To date, they have served over 1,500 clients across the world.

What They Believe

At Status Labs, they believe that the work that they are doing is important. The CEO was actually quoted as saying that he believed that name changes would be a trend in the next decade. According to Fisher, teenagers and children are unaware of the lasting impact of the comments, pictures and messages that they post online. In a decade, Fisher expects there to be a sudden increase in name changes as young adults try to escape from the online presence of their past.

While Fisher and Status Labs work with individuals and companies who want to change their image, they also build public relations plans and online reputations for large corporations. Guided by their moral principles, they help companies to change the conversation online and remove harmful content. Throughout the process, they take steps to make sure that negative images, posts and articles are pushed down in the search engines.

Customer Feedback and Pricing

For new clients, Status Labs offers a free consultation. This has become common throughout the industry as firms look to bring in new clients. Other than the free consultation, the details about Status Labs’ pricing are few and far between.

Status Labs is definitely a premium product. They’re not looking to pickup hundreds of thousands of clients with a cheap product like ReputationDefender. They’re looking to find high-net-worth individuals and companies, and price their online reputation management services accordingly.

Presently, there are no negative reviews about Status Labs online. The company offers a few testimonials on their website, and they also make available some case studies in which the true client name is redacted in favor of a fake one. There’s less information available about Status Labs than other companies we’ve reviewed, but we’ve seen enough to believe they truly do come through on their premium promise.

The Bottom Line

Status Labs isn’t for everyone, in the same sense that a Mercedes-Benz isn’t for everyone either. Sometimes a clunker (looking at you is suitable for the job. But, if you’re looking for premium service with hard, effective results, look no further than Status Labs. We feel comfortable naming them the top overall service available on the market today.



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  • Shannon Rivera June 1, 2016 at 5:32 pm - Reply

    Companies receive negative press on occasion, whether they are to blame or not. This service should be considered a type of insurance, as the court of public opinion can make or break you. As for individuals doing damage control, my heart goes out to you. Online backlash can be brutal.

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