Our Methodology

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 2.25.14 PMOnline Reputation Reviews uses a variety of factors to evaluate online reputation management companies and ultimately grade them. See below for an overview on each

History of Success

It’s easy to claim success. It’s harder to prove, especially in the online reputation management industry. Many clients want to keep their names quiet, which makes sense because ultimately they’re trying to get themselves out of the news by retaining an ORM company.

We’ve evaluated case studies, statistics, and word-of-mouth sources for each company to put together a track record for each company.


What methods do each company claim to apply to each project? Is it simple profile creation across websites that any person can access? Is it deeper custom content creation? Do they have any proprietary methods – and if they do, is there any factual evidence that they’re any good?

Each company’s methods act as the recipe they use to cook up success. We aimed to see who’s cooking a five star dish and who’s left us sending the meal back to the chef.


Ultimately each service provides a different offering, and these offerings differ wildly in terms of scope, impact, and rightfully so, price. You wouldn’t expect to pay the same for a “package” product like ReputationDefender as you would for a high-end customized experience like Status Labs offers.

Sometimes a cheaper service is right for you. Other times it might take upwards of $10,000/month to get the job done. It’s all about finding the best value for your money.


A brand that upsets off a lot of people probably doesn’t do a good job. A company that has people raving about their experiences with them is probably a positive sign. Revolutionary stuff, we know. We tried to take the “temperature” for each brand and include it in our reviews.