Online Reputation Management 101: The Basics


You have no control about what others say about you online. However, it may be possible to control whether or not people see what others say about you. Ideally, when someone finds your webpage or Google’s your brand name, that person only sees good things about you and your company. How can online reputation management services help you, and why should you invest in a professional ORM service today?

What Is Online Reputation Management?Online reputation management involves managing what others see and hear about you on the Internet. If someone posts a scathing blog post about you that ranks on or near the top for keywords that you also target, more content can be created that will push that post toward the second page of the search results. It may also be possible to ask Google or other search engines to take the content down altogether. When a negative comment is left online or through social media, an online reputation manager can respond with a more comprehensive explanation of what may have led to that comment.

Who Uses Online Reputation Management?

Anyone who has a vested interest in keeping their reputation as clean as possible uses some sort of reputation service. Those who create content for a living could spend hours each day trying to track down those who violate copyright or trademark laws. Anyone who owns a business could spend days trying to track down every negative comment and every post mentioning the company’s name that got attention for the wrong reason. When partnered with a professional ORM service, it allows content creators and business owners to focus on their craft as opposed to trying to wipe away any negative trace of them online.

Why Is Reputation Management So Critical?

Increasingly, people are making purchasing decisions based on what they see online. For instance, someone looking for a lawyer may decide to use a specific attorney based on the reviews that he or she received online. The same is true for dentists, contractors and other professionals. Customers who are looking to buy a new pair of shoes or a new video game console tend to do research online before making a buying decision. If they see or hear anything negative about your product or your brand, they could go elsewhere. Therefore, it is in your best interest to use reputation management as it could preserve hundreds or thousands of dollars in sales each month.

Is Online Reputation Management Expensive?

The truth is that ORM services can be tailored to your needs and budget. This means that individuals and startups can take advantage of them just like medium and large companies currently do. Considering the number of customers who will likely choose your business because of the good things that they hear about you, reputation services may be an expense that you don’t mind paying.

If you want to put your best foot forward online, you can’t do it by yourself. You need a professional or a team of professionals looking out to ensure that you aren’t barraged by bad media, troll comments on websites or hurt by information about yourself or your brand that just isn’t true.

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