About Us


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In early 2016, Online Reputation Reviews was started in hopes of shedding some light on the online reputation management industry and the major players within it. The industry is largely shrouded in secrecy and stuck behind closed doors, and our aim is to provide the most relevant, up-to-date, and accurate reviews of the online reputation management industry.

Why Online Reputation Reviews?

Truth be told, online reputation crisis’ don’t just strike big brands or rich individuals. It can affect anyone – including normal people like me! I’ll spare the specifics but search results for my name were hurting my ability to make a living. ORM companies claim that negative search results can cost you money – they’re not kidding.

I decided to look into how to fix my problem. I surveyed the internet for as much information as possible in regards to the companies that might be able to fix my problem. I found almost nothing! In an age where you can find hundreds of reviews about any service, establishment, or company you may be interested in, I found next to nothing about the ORM companies I was trusting with my online reputation. At this point I knew something had to change and OnlineReputationReviews.com was born.

Our Reviews

Alongside a small team, I’ve worked to build the most extensive list of information available about top ORM companies like Status Labs, Reputation.com, ReputationDefender, and more. We will continue to build and update our portfolio as the site grows and the industry grows.

If you have suggestions for companies you’d like to see a review on please contact us┬áhere.

As always we offer our 100% free online reputation review consultation. Just fill out the form and one of our ORM experts will be in touch with you soon. Together we can find the right solution for you!